Rental of Equipment for Simultaneous Translation

In this service, Easy provides the equipment required for the simultaneous translation service, as well as the sounding system and also all technical personnel required for the operation of the devices, distribution of receptors and management of the entire event.

Requirements: An area of about 8 x 8 feet for the installation of the acoustic booths where the interpreters work, preferably in a secluded area in the site so there is no interference; a space near the entrance of the site to the receptionist delivering the headphones to the participants; a place for the sound technician to work with the mixer
and speakers, in case there is no sounding system in the site of the event.


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Interpreter Console

This equipment consists of control consoles, where the interpreters decide which of the two microphones will be active to the translation, select the output channels, use the relay option in case of translation with more than two languages involved, among other operational facilities. The Interpreter consoles are manufactured with high technology and meet international standard ISO 2603.

Acoustic Booths

The Acoustic Booths are indispensable to the Simultaneous Translation. That’s because they block external noise that could cause confusion in the reception of the signal by the receivers, in addition to promote the privacy required for the interpreters to perform their service with excellence.

Sounding System

Speakers, microphones and mixers, in addition to cables and other accessories may also be required for the event in case they are not yet available in the site.

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