Simultaneous Translation Service

The Simultaneous Translation Service, also known as simultaneous interpretation or conference interpretation, is performed in events where speakers and listeners speak different languages, and in which a translator or interpreter simultaneously translates to the audience everything that is said, using a system with a transmitter and receivers with headphones.

The simultaneous translator, also known as interpreter, stays in acoustically isolated booths strategically placed in the site of the event so they can transmit the translation
without comprehension errors caused by environment noise.


Simultaneous Translation FAQ

What is the structure required for a Simultaneous Translation?

An area of about 8 x 8 feet for the installation of the acoustic booth where the interpreters work, preferably in a secluded area in the site so there is no interference; a
space near the entrance of the site to the receptionist delivering the headphones to the participants; a place for the sound technician to work with the mixer and speakers, in case there is no sounding system in the site of the event.

For which events is the use of Simultaneous Translation indicated?

The Simultaneous Translation service is recommended for conferences, lectures and other events with a high number of people and/or long duration and where the speakers and the audience speak different languages.

Why do I need to hire two interpreters?

The Simultaneous Translation service usually is uninterrupted, in addition to be an intense intellectual activity. Therefore, alternation between two professionals is
required. In case of short events the possibility of using only one interpreter can be considered.

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