Technical Translation

A Technical Translation involves several deep knowledge fields, such as Oil & Gas, Law, Medicine, Finances, Accounting, and others.

The translation of a document or paper presenting technical terms from any area of knowledge should be carried out by a native speaker technical translator with expertise
in the area and fluent in the proper terminology.


Technical Translation FAQ

What are the ideal qualifications of the technical translator?

The technical translator is a professional experienced in translation services in a specific area of knowledge, fluent in the source language and a native speaker in the target language, who is able to analyze the document context precisely and knows where to search for the specific vocabulary of the subject in hand. Although academic background on the area is desirable, experience is more relevant to perform this job. Easy TS works with experienced translators with no less than 5 year experience in the specific area.

What is the difference between General Translation and Technical Translation?

Technical Translation requires consulting bibliography and specialized dictionaries. General Translation, due to its common terminology, does not require specialized consultation.

A General Translation, just like a Technical Translation, will be performed by a skilled and experienced translator, the difference being that the translator is not an expert in a given specific field.

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